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Gossip Girl Style

A Gossip Girl Fashion Community

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Fashion from the CW series Gossip Girl.
Welcome to Gossip Girl Style! If you're a fan of Blair Waldorf's closet or Serena van der Woodsen's cute clothes, this is the place for you.

This is a community to discuss the fashion trends on the new CW series Gossip Girl. If you're trying to hunt down the super hot and trendy clothes featured on Gossip Girl, this community is here to help you find out just where the wardrobe people got those outfits.

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Please make sure you read the rules to the right. It'll make the community run smoother and allow everyone to have more fun.

1. All posts should be strictly Gossip Girl fashion related. (note: This doesn't include posts in which you're trying to sell your stuff, so please don't post anything like that)

2. Keep all rude comments to yourself and out of this community.

3. Please tag your entries with the episode number(s) and character(s), and anything else you feel necessary. Tagging rules can be found on THIS post and THIS post.

4.Please check the tags before posting! If there has already been a post about the exact same topic please don't create a new one.

5. Include your sources! Tell us where you got the screencaps/pictures from, but also, if you found the information somewhere else.